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    Pearl software selected Indian SEO company eBrandz and increased their website traffic by 75 %

    Pearl software used a multiple level criteria to select SEO company and finally settled for eBrandz because their pricing was excellent and they had great references. eBrandz helped them increase their website traffic by 75%

    (PRLog.Org) “ New York, NY — May 31, 2007 “ Pennsylvania based Pearl Software was seeking help to increase leads coming through its internet site. The idea was to boost web traffic and, in turn, boost the quantity and quality of sales leads coming from the website. It™s been 10 months since they started this exercise and currently they have successfully managed to increase their web traffic by over 75 %. Not only that, they have also increased the overall quality and quantity of leads.

    Pearl Software provides employee Internet monitoring, filtering and control solutions to companies, schools, libraries and government agencies. Pearl Software places companies in control of employee web browsing, file transfers, news, chat, e-mail and instant messaging to proactively address productivity, data security, privacy compliance and legal liability issues related to inappropriate use of the Internet.

    After identifying Internet as major source of sales lead, Pearl Software started search for a reputable Search Engine Optimization firm. Pearl Software used a multi-level criteria matrix in evaluating potential SEO companies. The criteria included:-
    1) Process Knowledge
    2) Professionalism
    3) Use of Ethical SEO Methods
    4) Company™s Own Search Engine Ranking
    5) Startup Costs
    6) Ongoing Monthly Costs
    7) Press Release Distribution
    8) Article Syndication
    9) Link Exchange Management
    10) Organic Ranking Management
    11) Pay-per-click Ranking Management
    12) Years in Business
    13) Telephone Follow UP
    14) Email Follow UP
    15) Location

    Pearl Software finally selected, a New York based company (with research and delivery centers in Mumbai, India) as its Search Engine Optimization firm. Says Mr David Fertell, CEO of Pearl Software, While eBrandz location, telephone follow up and traditional PR capabilities were not as attractive/strong as some of their competitors, on balance, eBrandz far exceeded all other companies being evaluated based on overall score vs. cost of services.

    Pearl Software™s chief concern in retaining eBrandz was in turning over control of its web content to a company not domiciled within the United States and one with which it had no personal contact. However, eBrandz quickly showed themselves to be very capable, professional and trustworthy stewards of their content and data.

    Says Milind Mody, CEO of eBrandz, Most people are concerned when they learn that our technical team is based in India. However, they sign up with us due to our cost advantage. Our prices are at least five to twelve times less than local companies. Also once we start work, our client™s concerns about our technical team or language barrier are generally resolved within few days. It takes time to see results of our work, but in Pearl Software™s case, they saw very quick results.

    Results At the outset of the engagement, eBrandz scoped the work to be done including time lines and anticipated results. All work that was done was clearly communicated in scheduled reports. Questions by Pearl Software personnel were promptly addressed. Improvements began immediately. Though traffic reports were provided by eBrandz, Pearl Software continued to analyze performance based on its own measurement tools. Their web traffic increased (due primarily to eBrandz SEO efforts) steadily from September 2006 to settle at above 75 % in the months of March and April 2007.

    Based on these outstanding results, Pearl Software continues to retain eBrandz beyond its initial scope of work in order to further optimize its web site as well as manage its Pay-per-click marketing efforts.


    eBrandz is a search engine marketing company with offices in 8 major cities of the world including New York, Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai. With over 1200 clients spread across the world, eBrandz offers a very significant cost advantage to its clients as compared to its competitors in US, UK, Australia or Canada. With a consistent track record of delivering results for its clients, eBrandz is considered one of the best search engine marketing companies in the world.

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  • We did a search for an SEO company and that is how we came across eBrandz.We had few initials meetings with them and we were highly impressed by their domain knowledge about search engines They started working with us and over the years they have increased our website traffic and sales incredibly (We had 30,000 unique visitors per month and currently we have 250,000 unique visitors per month). This kind of business and sales was unimaginable for us. Hence we would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies who are in need of Search Engine Marketing services.

    Mr Kalpesh Patel

    (CEO) Seasons Infotech.
    Seasons Infotech.

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