Client Testimonials

Clients Testimonials

Meet few of our happy customers from all around the world.
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  • Josef, California Locksmith Services
    We would like to Thank all of you for your hard work, and dedication to our company. We truly appreciate each and every one of your crew in helping us achieve our goals, bring us to #1 location’s and broaden our horizons.
  • Carrie E. Pierce, Founder and President of
    Almost immediately, we began to make progress as my Ebrandz team worked to optimize the site, assisted us in gaining exposure and helped us with the varied and vast requirements of running a successful online business.
  • Thomas S. Tesauro, Sr. President, Scientific Sales, Inc.
    eBrandz has done an outstanding job for us and we could not be more pleased. They have helped us to manage our Google PPC in a very efficient manner. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Ingo Schaer, Owner,
    We would like to express our deepest satisfaction with eBrandz PPC services – they always responded to our requests courteous and worked on them in a timely manner. They always kept us updated about the steps they have been working on and the steps they were able to successfully finalize in our companies favor.
  • Erick Dizon, Owner, Raintecumbrella
    We would like to express our deepest satisfaction with eBrandz PPC services – they always responded to our requests courteous and worked on them in a timely manner. They always kept us updated about the steps they have been working on and the steps they were able to successfully finalize in our companies favor.
  • Scot Robinson President,
    We are in the mortgage sector which is one of the most competitive spaces on the internet in terms of Search Engine Marketing. Despite the heavy competition, we have achieved many number one listings and dozens of first page placements for high traffic words and terms on all of the major search engines. eBrandz has very reasonable rates and offers a great value.
  • Dan Arndt, Principal of Cardservice Paradise
    eBrandz has used all the feed back we had given them about the lead quality, as well as doing their own research to bring our cost per sale down from well over $200 per sale to less than $100 per sale.
  • Stuart Sherman, Owner,
    eBrandz has always been very considerate of their clients. They were always conscious of and respectful of me as their client and now that the staff has expanded they are a very effective, structured company.
  • Naresh Malkani, CEO, Pvt. Ltd
    eBrandz has not only help increase my business but has got me thinking that there is so much more I can do with my business. The success of the campaigns has clearly given a new direction to the Company.
  • Dr. Jill Henry, EdD, Owner,
    At the time we signed up with eBrandz our website had hit bottom. We had dropped off Google and our pages were not even being cached. In my professional experience of 25 years in educational and business consulting,
  • Joe Bowab, President
    eBrandz has really cut down our wasted clicks and found some bargain keywords that have increased our customer acquisition. They are excellent at focusing on terms that find buyers, not browsers. We saw immediate results.
  • Daniel Brielmaier,
    We researched and interviewed over 10 different companies and ultimately chose eBrandz. We are glad we did. eBrandz fared quite well versus the competition.
  • Anne Pawsat R(S), President, Hawaii Hideaways Inc.
    For a web-based company, search engine optimization is a process of patience, not immediate results. eBrandz, however, has met every goal set since origination of service in January 2005.
  • Corbin Bristow, Owner,
    eBrandz has enabled us to pinpoint the effects of our optimization efforts so well that in only a few months our site is now a strong competitor in our target market.
  • Bryan Robinson, Owner,
    eBrandz was very professional and communicated well with us. eBrandz always responded to our questions in a timely manner and followed their schedule as well as provided excellent reports to keep us informed of their progress.
  • Trent Lee, CEO, Corporate Credit Concepts
    eBrandz team responded to my concerns very quickly and I have been impressed as to the prompt service as well as the on time schedule of the outline they provided me during our initial set up phase.
  • Paul Culbertson, Planethosting
    eBrandz site looked much better, they were available for discussion. They seemed much more complete, trustworthy, and professional. Hence we signed up with them.
  • Brian Lam, Business President, Pick N Personalize, LLC.
    eBrandz PPC Management’s service and support have been superior. Their personalized service and highest level of professionalism allowed our company’s sale to go from 2k a day to 6k a day in less than 3 months.
  • Tommy,
    We decided to hire eBrandz because we liked the way they laid everything out. They told us and showed us exactly what they were going to do for us.
  • Eric Bordier Owner,
    The eBrandz team did what they said, said what they did. They were also very reactive to my suggestions and questions. (Sometimes I like to understand what goes on with our website).
  • Eric C Anderson Principal, Anderson Creations
    Since I have had even more trouble with some American companies, I would say the communications were adequate and… well, true. I could actually believe what was said, and if something was promised,
  • Audrey Cowan,
    eBrandz has a wonderful team! We hadn�t been anywhere in the first 30 pages of Google under our top term “baby shower favors”. After three months, we were on page six. Now, we are on page one!
  • Bill Vaughan, President
    The initial research of the PPC campaign has been impeccable. We had several conversations with them regarding various aspects of the campaign, like the keywords, and we were surprised at the way they responded with so much precision!
  • Mehdi Sultan, Europe on Rail Inc.
    The publicity and listing appearing in the web search, as well as the case studies and information listed on eBrandz website convinced us that it was a good and honest firm.
  • Althaf Ahmed, Head of Marketing and Advertising, Royal Forex Trading LLC
    eBrandz team has been very responsive and in about 5 weeks we saw considerable difference. Their marketing efforts have definitely made a difference to our business in terms of exposure and conversion.
  • Craig Robins, Owner, Robins Consulting LLC
    The most important part of my campaign is keyword research. We are still working on the keyword research. But eBrandz team put a very thoughtful research of my industry and testing of different campaigns to insure targeted results.
  • Elizabeth Engelke, Owner, Old Glory Freight
    Best of all, after a few months we starting seeing some really amazing results. Our organic listings had dramatically improved on all the major search engines!
  • Mitchell Su, Owner, eFavormart
    We find your customer service exemplary quick and exceptional. With quick response time, outstanding and punctual reports you have remarkably transformed our site into potentially visible one,
  • Dan Simons, Principal, VSAG.
    First I was concerned that I wouldn’t get great results and that ebrandz would not �get� my industry in the US. But, no doubt, I have seen improvement in my business.
  • Myndi Estrin, Marketing Director, AVP Solutions.
    eBrandz really stood out from the others by following best practices and business fundamentals and providing genuine long term benefit, rather than short term tactical initiatives.
  • Vin Patel, Principal, Beach Mart
    It would be unfair on my part if I do not applaud the professional and diligent team at eBrandz who took up the campaign as a challenge and did absolute justice to it
  • Tim Hodges, Owner, Hodges Marine Electronics.
    eBrandz is a dynamic company that staunchly believes in proffering quality services to its clients through hard work, regular follow-ups and constant innovation.
  • Joel Lerner,
    We are so grateful by your kind of service and dedicated work of SEO Services by carrying out link building strategies and many other methods.
  • Richard .D. Fan Owner of Smart Life Store
    I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve received from eBrandz. The fact that they are overseas and in a different time zone has never been a problem, and we speak by phone or email as needed.
  • Alasdair Trotter Co-Founder & COO Guaranteach
    My co-founder and I had never used Google�s Adwords product before, and the combination of eBrandz�s competitive pricing and expertise made the process very easy for us.
  • Michael Wang Chief Executive Officer BB Crafts Inc.
    The highly professional and personalized services of eBrandz aimed at understanding our business ensured a targeted and focused campaign.
  • Adam Raidabaugh, President ACORN Sales Company, Inc.
    I was really impressed with the quick responses via IM and email. The PPC team at eBrandz brought a lot of skill and knowledge to the project and instantly grasped the complexities of my competitive business to produce desired results.
  • Shawn, President,
    They did a splendid job and the improvement in traffic and inquiries was visible within a month. All the correspondence was dealt in a highly professional manner.
  • Michael Brier, Director of Marketing, Refunds Now
    eBrandz shows us the reporting and campaign statistics so we know how our money is being spent. By outsourcing our PPC Management we have optimized our click price, increased our conversion rates and generated new sales.
  • Mark Friedman,
    eBrandz provided us with high quality keywords and really possess the pulse on this evolving industry. The results were almost instant and we have witnessed significant improvement in traffic and inquiries within a short period of time.
  • Camilo Gomez, Business Director
    We initially signed up with them for SEO services. We were really impressed with their knowledge and expertise and finally decided to engage eBrandz to plan and manage our Pay-Per-Click campaign.
  • Jack Fischman, Owner, Todays Gentleman
    I have found their services to be exactly what I needed. The weekly and monthly reports were precise and gave us good overview of the campaign. There was no set up fee, no percentages and charged us only for the number of hours spent on our project.
  • Craig Banaszewski, President, VIP Concierge, Inc.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to eBrandz’s PPC team, which has impressed me with an exceedingly unsurpassable results. They have done extremely well in managing my campaign and are really on top of everything.
  • Tom Wodetzki, Owner/Partner, American Pavilion Inc.
    We soon witnessed higher visibility in the prime spots on the search engines and benefited from the much desired web traffic. The meticulous keyword research aimed at targeting the potential buyers looking for the services offered by our site.
  • Clara Zakirova, Owner, Five Star Colonics
    eBrandz has provided excellent service at all times. In-fact, i always though no one would know more about web sites and management than people offshore.
  • Pranav Sahai, Principal, Jumbo Loan Experts LLC
    We were impressed by the ability of the eBrandz team to understand our business and implemented a strategy that gave us tangible results.
  • PDavid Knopnov, Owner, GentleDental
    eBrandz has been an incredible service for us. They are always attentive and accommodating. It is nice to work with a company that treats your business’ interests as it’s own.
  • Lisa M. Kuo (Pavia), Owner,
    The cost I paid for eBrandz practically paid for itself in four short months, I highly recommend eBrandz to anyone who wants to get great results for their money. I am very happy with this company and plan to use other services they offer in the future.
  • Mr. Oliveira, BB Companies
    We are comfortable in saying they are a trustworthy provider and, although we have never done a ROI analysis, we are sure that this is one of the best marketing investments we have been doing so far.
  • Craig Sandeman Managing Director – Giftday
    We had great success this Christmas and we had achieved a record for the amount of orders within 1 day! It has been a pleasure to work with them.

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